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The pandemic accelerated the need for on-demand, flex office space in commuting cities. Tenants now expect private office options close to home (“Work Near Home” – WNH) and companies are decreasing their lease footprint.

The real estate industry expects 30 percent of office space to be flexible in some form by 2030. Maybe even sooner.

We have a streamlined management agreement process that aligns landlords and desk (the operator) with incentives, creating a mutually beneficial partnership for all parties.

If you want:

– More flex space in your portfolio

– A greater share of the revenue

– Reduced risk of leasing to a single tenant

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Experience increased rent premiums and property value. Our management agreements pay above-market rent to landlords while economically building out the flex space.


Transform your space seamlessly. We understand modern tenant needs in commuter markets and offer end-to-end design and management of your new flexible office space.


Stay ahead of the market demands. Flexible work policies are here to stay and corporations are supplementing office space closer to their homes. Transform your empty space and capture this need.

Commuter Markets, Our Specialty

We partner with landlords that own properties in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut to transform buildings into flexible offices. If you have a 10k-25k square feet of space, a partnership with desk could increase the value of your entire portfolio with minimal risk.


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