Artist Fellowship @ desk

We’re all quite familiar with working from home, but inspiration often comes from a change of pace. Having a space dedicated to your art could be all you need to tap into your most creative self.

About the Artist Fellowship

From painters to sculptures, to photographers, and storytellers, our Artist Fellowship program provides a 2-month private office membership to artists looking to harness their talents in a focused environment and pursue more exposure.


Most frequent questions and answers

Please apply using the form below. Every application is reviewed by our team.

You’ll receive a 2-month membership for one of our beautifully furnished private offices, which feature floor to ceiling windows and have access to all of our amenities.

We also give you the opportunity to feature a series of your artwork around the space.

We use the term “artist” loosely – writers, illustrators, fashion designers, pottery makers, woodcarvers— anyone who is creating is considered a suitable candidate for fellowship.

You are welcome to reapply for Artist Fellowship. We recommend reapplying at least one year after initial application date.

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