Office Day Pass

The day pass is the perfect way to gain temporary access to our private offices, without committing to a monthly membership.

Office Access with no commitments

We’re passionate about making sure anyone can find a safe, functional, and productive environment to work from, and our office day pass is the perfect ticket for those looking for all the above–with an added layer of privacy and safety–without the commitment of membership.

Day Passes can be requested with the form below or purchased in-person.  Simply come in on the day you need to get work done, and we’ll get you set up with a pass in no time. 

Each pass is good for one person and can be used from 8am-5pm M-Fr.

1 pass: $50

5 passes: $200

15 passes: $450

Request A Day Pass

Fill out the form below and our staff will set you up with your day pass! You can also purchase our day passes in-person on the day of your visit.