Why you should be using a virtual business address for your company or LLC

Working from home can be a great way for small business owners to save money on physical space and avoid wasting time on a commute.

But even if you have the privacy and resources to run your business from home, it doesn’t mean that you should give your personal home address out for work-related situations.

A virtual business address is an ideal way to look professional online and protect your personal privacy Virtual business addresses offer a physical street address that can be used for typical business purposes, including registering an LLC, receiving mail, and listing your business with online directories like Google My Business and Yelp. 

What is a virtual business address?

A virtual business address is a real, physical office address that you can use for receiving postal mail and packages and as the registered address for your business. Many coworking spaces offer this as part of their virtual office services, which could include other benefits such as access to meeting spaces, day passes for office space and more.

Who needs a virtual business address?

Virtual addresses are great for a variety of businesses, such as digital entrepreneurs, companies without a physical premise or those that are trying to gain exposure to a new market. 

Small business owners get the best of both worlds with a virtual business address. The business looks professional online and has a secure location to receive communication, all while you run your company largely from the comfort of your own home.

Virtual business address or P.O. Box?

While the basic concept is the same for both virtual office addresses and P.O. Boxes, there are a few very distinct differences:

A P.O. Box is a mailbox you rent out in a post office while a virtual business address is a commercial address at a physical building. So while a P.O. Box cannot be used as an official address when registering a business or opening bank accounts, an office address can.

Virtual offices can receive mail and packages from all mail-carrying companies, including UPS, FedEx, and 10 Roads Express, while P.O. Boxes are limited in that they can only receive mail from USPS.

How do I benefit from a virtual office address?


Many new companies use their home address when they register their business, but that can leave you vulnerable as your address becomes public. Someone could find your address only by knowing your name or business name.

Even online-only businesses may run into complications with using their home address as the business address: email newsletters require you to include your physical postal address with every newsletter article, releasing your information for the world to see.

For many people, this visibility can be an issue, especially when dealing with customers where you would not want them to know exactly where you live. If you are worried, a virtual business address can help greatly in alleviating privacy concerns.

Professional Image

When someone searches for your business on google, an office address leaves a better first impression than that of a home. 

Having a virtual address on your company’s letterhead offers a more professional appearance than a residential one. You can also use the virtual address on email signatures and contact addresses on your company’s website.

Document Organization

Although a majority of today’s communication is digital, many still use traditional mail services to deliver information and official documents. If you are often changing addresses or don’t have a home base, a virtual address can be a great solution for safekeeping important mail and packages.

Why should I get a virtual business address?

A virtual business address is an affordable option to elevate your brand. It offers more safety and security when registering for and handling the different factions of your business.

Companies with a credible online brand set a better first impression and will rank better on google. You can end up with more organic traffic, which means more customers and faster growth for your business! 

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