A Space Dedicated To Your Studies: Why NJ Students Choose Coworking Space

We’re no strangers to the college grind: late-nights wrought with coffee and energy drinks. Putting the final touches on projects as the sunrise peeks into your window. Spending the day at the dining hall to capitalize on meal swipes.

Earning a college degree is one of the most challenging and rewarding things we put ourselves through as young adults. But anyone who’s spent an evening cleaning the apartment, doing laundry, washing the dishes, and playing video games, all to put off cramming for the exam one more hour, knows that the work environment can be key to focus and productivity.

Coworking spaces were designed to promote productivity and focus. They’re dedicated spaces where professionals go to get stuff done. Why shouldn’t students?

Here are five reasons students are choosing Coworking spaces:

An Expanded Business Network

Coworking spaces attract professionals from so many different industries – freelance designers, digital marketers, accountants, lawyers, writers, entrepreneurs, small business owners, and startup teams just to name a few.

Open, collaborative space fosters connections and interactions, which means students naturally have daily opportunities for small talk with highly-skilled professionals. These are people that could help you network and get a foot in the door as you start planning for a career out of school. Or at the very least provide valuable industry insight. 

Fewer Distractions

The ability to hop out of bed and right into work sounds great in theory. But at home, you’re within arm’s length of many more distractions, whether it’s roommates having a good time, pets and family, or even just household chores you feel compelled to get done instead of your work.

Everyone works differently and has different study habits. But if you’re the type that needs a dedicated workspace to be productive and aren’t finding that at home, then a coworking space is probably perfect for you.

Partner Benefits

Oftentimes the benefits of coworking spaces stretch far beyond them being just a space to study. Every space operates differently, but at desk we’ve partnered with a multitude of businesses and brands to improve our member’s health, wellness, and productivity. 

Some of the member benefits include discounts at local eateries, regular events and workshops, as well as access to health resources like Gyroscope.io.

Event Spaces

Need a last-minute space to give a speech or present for a group project? Manage a student organization but can’t find space for your members to meet on campus? Want to host a study session or focus group with your peers?

Coworking spaces are designed with open-space and collaboration in mind. That makes them perfect gathering spaces for hosting events – whether it’s a student presentation or a corporate team-building exercise.

Student Programs

At desk, we believe education is essential to progress and improving our society, but college has become exorbitantly overpriced. Many coworking space share the same sentiment and offer discounts or programs designed specifically for students 

That’s why desk offers a 10% discount to students who choose to make our workspace their campus away from campus. We are also accepting applications for our scarlet fellowship, which provides membership and resources to students with big aspirations. Contact us today to learn more about how we serve students.

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